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XIAMEN PAN OCEAN IMPORT&EXPORT CO., LTD: As a branch company of Evergrow group, Xiamen Pan Ocean Import&Export Co., Ltd is a professional international trading company, which awarded to be the A-class enterprise in Credit Management of Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine by Xiamen Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Our company always pays attention on introducing healthy、natural、non-polluted high quality food raw material into China. Currently, our main products are imported Marine seafood products such as Frozen surimi, Frozen whole round fish. Cans of Cod series from Iceland is one of our new fashion food, which are special & high value products for people’s health. We are keeping extending our product items. In not far future, there will be more and more high quality products from all over the world to be introduced into China by us. Base on our high reputation in customs and high-efficient logistic network from Evergrow group, import and export agency is another key business. We insist on providing customers the high-quality, high-value, high- efficient, cost-effective products and service.
Import and export trade
Import and export agent
Our Frozen SURIMI all are from South-east Asia. All the raw material are wild caught from the ocean around South-east Asia, Producing under the safety and health production environment. Our SURIMI could meet the requirement of most factories of SURIMI products in China,
Generally our SURIMI specification as below:
MOISTURE: 76%-77%
MOISTURE: 76%-77%
MOISTURE: 76%-77%
MOISTURE: Around 76%
MOISTURE: Around 76%
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Single frozen fish products
Natural, non-polluting high-end ingredients into China. The company's main products are imported frozen surimi, various types of single frozen fish and other marine aquatic products. The company continues to expand business items, the future will introduce more quality products in the world. Relying on the company's reputation for quality and efficient logistics platform and the Group network, the company also undertake professional import and export agency business. Xiamen Western Union always to provide customers with high-efficiency, high-quality, high-value, cost-effective products and services
Cans of Cod series
Our main product cans of Cod series originates from the beautiful and pristine country---Iceland in the mid of North Atlantic Ocean. Pollution degree of Iceland is very low, the quality of the surrounding water is particularly limpid without pollution, that’s why Iceland is one of the four countries of producing cod. All the cod comes from wild catches which are carefully controlled by a strict quota system. Only fresh raw material is used for our production, so we ensure not only the freshest, but also keep the high nutritional value of deep-sea fish as well as profiting from the pure and unspoiled Icelandic waters. This is the key to guarantee that our products are delicious as well as nutritious and healthy for young and old. 
Our manufacture is a very professional canned series producer with almost 40 years’ rich experience. They are the oldest and largest producer of Canned Cod Liver in Iceland. Iceland is the biggest producer of cod liver in worldwide and our manufacturer is the leading. In addition to all necessary Icelandic certificates, our factory is also IFS and MSC certified which are the strictest food certification available to supervise the production and process. Our products are 100% natural with premium quality. We do NOT use any additives, preservatives or chemicals. Our aim is to supply a good product which is good for your health and good tastes.

Canned cod liver
The healthy benefit of Cod Liver has been known by Icelandic fishermen for centuries. Canned Cod Liver is a well-known delicacy in the European and North American market. At the same time, it has been popular in Taiwan for over 20 years. It is cherished not only for its tender delicate taste but also for it is the purest source of OMEGA 3, it is also a great source of Vitamins A and D, so it is beneficial greatly for human health. Our canned cod Liver is made from 100% pure natural raw material.
Ingredients: 99% fresh Cod Liver; 1% Salt.

Cod Liver PASTE
By adding some Cod Roe and adding a hint of spices to the cod liver, it helps to enrich the nutritious of Cod livers while keeping the health benefits associated with the pure unpolluted cod liver. Cod Liver Paste is high in Omega 3 which is considered important for the human body to control cholesterol and is good for the brain and heart.
Ingredients: Cod Liver; Cod Roe; spices (garlic, parsley, salt). 

Soft Cod Roe
Soft Cod Roe (Cod Milt) - sometimes referred to as 'Sea-Agra' –is highly valued for rich source of protein, vitamins as well as its tender delicate taste, but low fat-is considered by some to be helpful to maintain Human’s physiological health, and European honor it as high value product. The protein in the soft cod roe is important in the buildup of healthy body muscles and strength. This fact makes the soft cod roes an ideal nutrition alternative for weight conscious athletes.
Ingredients: 100% Soft Cod Roe
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