Supply Chain Management description
As a professional logistics enterprise following the tenet to service all clients around Xiamen, Xiamen Evergrow Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. has a core team with superior consciousness, perfect technology and solidarity. Our main business is by land truck transportation. Practice makes perfect, by nearly 20 years development, we do the best for Xiamen-Shenzhen-Hongkong routing. Our trucker departs every day strictly to ensure the cargo arrive at Hongkong within 24hours, and deliver the cargo to door at the same arrival day. The FCL or consolidation shipments can declare customs in Xiamen and transit-declare in Shenzhen Meilin Customs, or declare in Shenzhen Bay, Man Kam To, and Huanggang customs directly. In recent years, we develop new domestic distribution service along coast lines including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguang etc. Meanwhile, we open the one-package delivery service around Xiamen, Zhangzhou, and Quanzhou city, as well as delivering for both import and export, moving fm one bonded area to another, and owning bonded trucks with electronic customs key. We have the most excellent team and strict management in distribution. All vehicles are equipped with GPS to ensure in-time and superior service
Logistics park in Shenzhen, South China
Hong Kong
No matter what season it is, peak season or off season, our trucker departs every day to ensure efficiency.
Service Promise:
Attending to every consideration of customers and offering the fastest and safest transportation.