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The 9th ALU---Singapore
On May 6th, we flied to Singapore, finally we meet again with our old friends.
ALU, happy birthday for your nine years old, congratulations.
This year, members from Turkey, Greece and France join into this family. And the new process to vote the lacking agents from other countries is promoting our growth, great process!
Everyone knows Singapore is named as a garden city, and this time I really appreciate it. Its beauty, prosperity and strict management impressed us. Extensive trees, spacious lawn, gum-sale forbiddance and smoking and non-smoking designated areas, a diversity of people and cultures consisting of Chinese, Eurasians, Indians and Malays, creative architecture, less population with more streets and shopping malls, all these show a clear, prosperous and properly-ordered Singapore.
We enjoy the Chilli Crab and drink nearby the Clark Quay, try the feeling of the Night Safari, visit the amazing botanical garden and scream in 4D or 5D-tech playing. In such happy environment, we are closer and closer, feeling the family-warm.
Look forward to the next tour to Dalian.